Lockie Ferguson Girlfriend: Relationship, Wife, Dating History

Lockie Ferguson Girlfriend:

Lachlan Hammond Ferguson aka Lockie Ferguson is a cricket sensation who has been setting the pitch ablaze with his right-arm fast bowling. Lockie Ferguson was born on June 13, 1991, in Auckland, New Zealand. Standing tall at 1.85 meters, Lockie has a great cricket journey that began in 2013 and continues to flourish.

Lockie Ferguson Girlfriend

Beyond IPL show of his talent, Lockie Ferguson is an important asset to the New Zealand national cricket team, showing his bowling talent at speeds exceeding 90 mph, with his fastest delivery recorded at a huge 97.7 mph. Born to Doug and Jan Ferguson, Lockie’s cricket journey includes skill, resilience, and an unyielding passion for the game.

Lockie Ferguson Relationships: Who are Dating Partners?

Let’s delve into Lockie Ferguson’s love life, the New Zealand fast bowler is currently engaged with Emma Komocki. Their journey started some years ago, likely growing stronger from early 2022, and reached a new milestone when Ferguson publicly declared their relationship on Instagram on June 16, 2022.

Lockie Ferguson Girlfriend

Lockie Ferguson and Emma Komocki are not yet married as of now. The recent Christmas social media post by Ferguson reflects at an exceptionally close bond between the two, sparking whispers about the depth of their relationship.

Lockie Ferguson Girlfriend

Closeness between Emma Komocki and Lockie Ferguson’s family and relatives shows that the relationship is emotionally sealed between families. The trio often shares precious memories, emphasizing the integration of Komocki into Ferguson’s personal life.

While Emma Komocki maintains a private Instagram profile, Lockie Ferguson generously offers glimpses into their shared moments by frequently sharing pictures of their journey. The transparency in their social media presence gives fans a delightful peek into the genuine affection that defines Lockie Ferguson’s current romantic chapter.

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Who is Lockie Ferguson’s girlfriend? Emma Komocki

Lockie Ferguson’s girlfriend, Emma Komocki, is a highly qualified physiotherapist with a good professional background. Lockie got her degree in BSc Physiotherapy with first-class honors from the University of Birmingham in 2013. Starting her career as a Rotational Physiotherapist at Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Emma started on a journey dedicated to sports and healthcare.

Lockie Ferguson Girlfriend

Throughout her career, Emma played important roles in many organizations, showing her expertise. Notably, as per the information provided by her LinkedIn account, Emma served in Volleyball England, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, British Athletics, Proactive, NZ CRICKET INC, and High-Performance Sport, New Zealand.

Emma’s association with Auckland Crickets lasted for 3 years, from October 2018 to April 2022, during which she served as a physiotherapist for both Auckland Hearts and Auckland Aces. After this, Emma transitioned into the role of a Performance Physiotherapist in High-Performance Sports in New Zealand, further solidifying her position in the realm of sports medicine.

Emma Komocki held the position of a Vaa long-distance Physiotherapist at Sports Medicine Specialists, showing her commitment to providing specialized physiotherapy services. This multifaceted journey reflects Emma’s dedication to her profession and her huge contributions to the world of sports physiotherapy. Currently, Emma is associated with Vantage Black Sticks Physiotherapist as an Axis Sports Medicine Specialist in Auckland.

Lockie Ferguson’s relationship with Emma Komocki goes beyond the personal realm, as her professional journey intertwines with New Zealand’s cricket development and high-performance sports.

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Lockie Ferguson’s Relationship with Emma Komocki: 

Lockie Ferguson is currently in a romantic relationship with Emma Komocki. Fans speculate that their paths may have crossed when both were associated with the Auckland Aces team, with Ferguson as a cricketer and Komocki as a physiotherapist. Lockie has worked with the Auckland cricket team for 4 seasons.

The couple have shared their moments of togetherness on social media, showing their private lives. Lockie Ferguson’s social media accounts show them traveling to many destinations and celebrating festivals as a family. This insight into Lockie Ferguson’s present relationship highlights the shared experiences and moments of joy that he and Emma Komocki embrace together.

Lockie Ferguson’s Dating history and girlfriends:

New Zealand fast bowler Lockie Ferguson before Komocki dated Kat Houk, who is a graduate student. As per many reports published in 2022, Lockie Ferguson’s romantic history includes a previous relationship with Kat Houk. The couple met in 2018 and started on a transcontinental relationship. Despite the long-distance, they managed to sustain their relationship while Lockie was engaged in the IPL in India, and Kat pursued her university studies in California.

Their relationship gained attention, especially during a World Cup match in 2019, where they were captured together. Kat Houk and Lockie Ferguson often shared photos on Instagram, providing glimpses into their cross-continental romance. They officially went public about their relationship on social media during the summer of the year 2022.

Kat Houk, a graduate student from the University of South California, has a private Instagram profile. Although Kat graduated from the University of South California, she continued her studies, expecting to return to complete her education in the autumn. As a result, details about her professional career remain undisclosed.

Kat Houk often expressed pride in Lockie Ferguson’s achievements on her Instagram, sharing adorable pictures of the couple. Despite keeping her profile private, Kat actively contributed to the public image of their relationship. But this relationship as per reports didn’t work out and it fell apart shortly soon.