Sam Curran Girlfriend: Dating History, Relationships, Ex- Girlfriend

Sam Curran Girlfriend: Isabella Grace

Dive into the love story of the charismatic Curran. Love, like a well-delivered yorker, has the power to leave us stumbling, perplexed, and gasping for breath.

Who is Sam Curran Girlfriend?

Sam Curran has been in a long-term relationship with Isabella Grace aka Isabella Symonds Willmott. They has been in the limelight since at least September 2018. Isabella was spotted supporting Curran in the IPL when he was playing for Punjab Kings in 2019. In fact, Curran was watching the auction with Isabella when he became the most expensive player. 

And then there’s Sam Curran, the charismatic cricketer who has been spinning a different kind of web—capturing hearts both on and off the field. Join us as we take a delightful detour into the labyrinthine world of Sam Curran’s dating life, filled with googlies, wickets, and a generous dose of wittiness. Get ready to be bowled over!

Who is Sam Curran Girlfriend?:

Isabella is an aspiring theatre and screen actor based in London and Bristol, as per her professional website. Isabella was born in 1998 and is from Bath in Somerset. Isabella graduated from the University of Exeter in 2019. She pursued her screen training at Pinewood Studios.

Isabella has experience in “contemporary, classical and musical theatre. Including singing, dance-physical theatre and improvisation.” Isabella is also a writer, designer and artist.

Isabella shares sports love like her celebrity partner Sam Curran. Isabella spent time horse riding and shooting in her childhood with a lot of outdoor time. Isabella’s interests include extreme snow-skiing, aerial silk/hoops and performance combat. She is also a highly skilled swimmer, water-skier and has a boating licence.

The relationship had a thrilling ride, filled with tales of daring escapades and breathtaking vistas.

Sam-Isabella relationship:

Sam Curran and Isabella have been together for at least 5 years now and the couple appear to be going strong. Sam regularly posts heartfelt messages for his girlfriend online. The cricketer also has also shared pics from the couple’s holidays on Instagram.

Sam Curran Girlfriend

Sam Curran has injected his dating life with a burst of uniqueness.

To add another layer of intrigue, Sam has taken up salsa dancing—a move that has left everyone, including his teammates, scratching their heads. He frequents dance studios, twirling and spinning with partners who marvel at his nimble footwork. Is he seeking a dance partner or a love interest? Only Sam knows the answer to that riddle.