Overview of Coffs Harbour Cricket Stadium Records

Coffs Harbour Cricket Stadium Records:

Coffs Harbour International Stadium (C.ex Coffs Harbour Cricket Stadium)
Stadium Opening:June 1994
Seating Capacity:20,000
Record Attendance:12,000
Cricket StatsRecordsMatch
First Women’s One Day InternationalNovember 27, 2016 (Australia Vs South Africa)4th ODI – Nov 27, 2016 [Women’s ODI # 1023]
Last Women’s One Day InternationalOctober 29, 2017 (England Vs Australia)3rd ODI – Oct 29, 2017 [Women’s ODI # 1091]
Most Runs (WODI)NE Bolton (171 runs – Australia)Overall
Highest Scores (WODI)EA Perry (69 runs)Women’s ODI # 1023
Most Sixes in an Inning (WODI)AJ Blackwell (1 – Australia)Women’s ODI # 1023 Women’s ODI #1024
JL Jonassen (1 – Australia)
Highest Strike Rate in an Inning (WODI)AJ Blackwell (116.66)Women’s ODI # 1023
Most Wickets (WODI)JL Jonassen (4)Overall
EA Perry (4)
Most Catches (WODI)JL Jonassen (2)Overall
Coffs Harbour Cricket Stadium Records
International Cricket Stadium, Coffs Harbour, Australia: Photo taken from Internet
  • The Coffs Harbour Cricket Stadium which is located in the coastal city of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales in Australia.
  • The stadium is famous for hosting the highest scoring match in FIFA World Cup qualification history where Australia beat America on April 11, 2001.
Coffs Harbour Cricket Stadium Records
  • Specifications:

  • The stadium has a Seating capacity for 20,000 people.
  • The stadium surface has been constructed with a design incorporating course aggregate river sand to average depth of 600 mm.
  • Solid Packed soils are used as the Base material for the stadium incorporating 2 concurrent level drainage systems aggregating 17 KM.
  • Grasses established are encouraged from Santa Anna Couch and are being over sown with rye grass each winter.
  • A 2-meter high fence surrounds the entire facility and a perimeter fence separates the playing surface from the audience.
  • The stadium is owned, managed and maintained by Coffs Harbour City Council.
  • The stadium has lighting levels up to 1500 lux, which makes the venue suitable for HD broadcast.
  • There are Six towers providing ample lighting for night use.
  • The stadium covers an area of around 2.3 hectares.

All the specifications are taken from the Australian Stadiums Archives.

Coffs Harbour Cricket Stadium Records
International Cricket Stadium, Coffs Harbour, Australia: Photo taken from Internet
  • The Coffs Harbour Stadium is home to the Australian Cricket team and The AFL North Coast Football Team.
  • The stadium regularly hosts NRL trial matches.
  • Since the year 2021, the stadium hosts an annual Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks home game.
  • The stadium also hosts a Sydney Sixers game every BBL season each year and formerly hosted the ING Cup cricket matches.
  • The stadium has hosted the FFA National Youth Championships for the past 2 years.
  • The stadium also hosted City vs Country Origin rugby league match in the year 2007 and 2013.
Coffs Harbour Cricket Stadium Records
  • The AFL North Coast football team has played its finals and Grand Finals at the Stadium every year since 1994. The League also hosts the Northern NSW Championship every year at the Coffs Harbour stadium.
  • The Coffs Coast Sports and Leisure Park precinct (CCSLP) along with the stadium council host a range of events including local and regional athletics carnivals and competitions, State and National Championships and International level tournaments at the Stadium.
Coffs Harbour Cricket Stadium Records
International Cricket Stadium, Coffs Harbour, Australia: Photo taken from Internet

The BCU International Stadium, Coffs Harbour stands as one of the most valuable and best used assets in Australia. The Coffs Harbour International Stadium caters for a range of sport and entertainment which includes rock concerts, rodeos, soccer, rugby and football.

The main sports played at the Coffs International Stadium are Australian Football, BCU International Cricket, Coffs Harbour Rugby Union’s Rugby League and Soccer. The Coffs Harbour stadium has also been utilized for non-sporting events such as Trade fairs, Conventions, Private functions, Expos, Company displays, and Product launches. The Stadium staff can also arrange catering for groups of all sizes from 20 to 20,000.

The Stadium currently restricts the seating capacity to 1,000. However, the Stadium Council has plans to increase the currently restricted 1,000 spectator capacity to 5,144 including corporate boxes.

The Coffs Harbour International Stadium is the best facility of its type in regional New South Wales in Australia and fulfills international standards. The stadium hosted the minor World Cup Qualifiers with the Soccer playing teams such as Fiji and America in mid 2001.

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