Scott Kuggeleijn Wife: girlfriend, relationships, Dating history, daughter

Scott Kuggeleijn Wife:

Scott Christopher Kuggeleijn is an all-rounder cricketer who was born in Hamilton, New Zealand in 1992.

Scott Kuggeleijn Wife
Scott Kuggeleijn with wife Emily Jane Bell: Photo taken from Instagram

Scott is the son of former New Zealand cricketer Christopher Kuggeleijn and is currently an active bowler for New Zealand.

Here is everything we know about Scott Kuggeleijn’s marital and relationship status:

  • Scott Kuggeleijn was officially engaged to Emily Jane Bell on November 3, 2020 as confirmed by his Instagram post and her Facebook post.
  • Scott Kuggeleijn and Emily Bell have a daughter named Amelia who was born before their engagement on March 2015.

  • Emily Bell is still a Fiancée to Scott Kuggeleijn as the two haven’t yet tied the knot officially. However, both of them are naturally a couple and live together happily posting each other’s pictures on social media.
  • Scott Kuggeleijn and Emily Jane Bell are still not officially married. The two are just engaged to each other, but their relationship has run a very long span and they even have a daughter who is currently almost 9 years old.

Emily Jane Bell:

  • Emily Jane Bell was born in Napier, New Zealand and later moved to Cambridge, New Zealand.
  • Emily Bell graduated from Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand in the year 2015.
  • Emily Bell’s family involves her mother Rachael Bell, father Shaun Bell and sister Sophie Bell. Her sister is married to Kevin Wright and has a daughter named Lucy Bell Wright.
  • Emily Bell is active of social media sites Instagram and Facebook.
  • Emily Bell works as a Club manager at City Fitness in New Zealand which is a gym and a physical fitness center.
  • Emily Bell is also a Fully qualified nurse certified and working since January 2024.
Scott Kuggeleijn Wife
Scott Kuggeleijn’s Wife Emily and Daughter Amelia: Photo taken from Instagram

Scott Kuggeleijn Controversy:

Scott Kuggeleijn who was engaged with Emily Bell in 2020 was accused of rape and sexual assault back in the year 2015. Scott Kuggeleijn met a woman at a bar in Hamilton on May 17, 2015 and went back with her to her apartment and reportedly raped her.

Scott Kuggeleijn Wife
Scott Kuggeleijn with wife Emily Jane Bell: Photo taken from Instagram

Later on the next day, Scott Kuggeleijn sent her a text message where he admitted to being persistent and apologized. He stated that he got carried away in the moment and said sorry for any mental harm caused to her.

The victim, gave her testimony that she said ‘no’ dozens of times but could not stop Scott, who denied this by stating that she meant it in a way which never intended any stopping. He also stated that the woman was dressed in a revealing outfit and was quite provocative in her behavior and talks which suggested him that she was looking for male attention. He also mentioned that he thought the victim was actually enjoying the act with him and denied the charges of rape assault.

Scott Kuggeleijn was held at trial twice. The first trial took place in the year 2016 and the jury consisted of 8 men and 4 women. The decision was declared as unable to be made and there was a Hung jury.

The second trial was held in 2017. The jury of this case in the second trial comprised of 6 men and 6 women who eventually ruled in favor of Scott Kuggeleijn and he was cleared of all charges and declared not guilty.

Scott Kuggeleijn started facing a lot of criticism since this case and never again openly talked about this event again. He is currently performing well in his career and is living along his wife and daughter.

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