Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the world: Cricket Spirit around the Globe:

Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the world:

Cricket is an internationally celebrated sport for its grandeur display of matches. Even so, there exists some intimate and compact stadiums which redefines the essence of cricket experience.

In this article, we will discover the 10 smallest cricket stadiums in the world, where every hit feels like a triumph in a confined space.

Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the world

Enjoying Intense Cricket matches in a compact location: Photo taken from Internet

Smallest International Cricket stadiums based on Seating Capacity:

  1. The Grange Club, Edinburgh, Scotland:

The Grange Club is located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland and is known for its rich history in cricket and magnificent surroundings. This quaint venue provides an intimate place for cricket matches and is considered the smallest international cricket stadium in the world proportionately based on its Capacity and Boundary. Established in 1832, it is home to Scotland’s oldest and most prestigious cricket clubs. The Grange Club Ground has witnessed various T20Is, Women’s Internationals and ODIs. It also offers a range of social and recreational activities apart from Cricket.

The Grange Club, Edinburgh, Scotland

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  1. Stormont Cricket Ground, Belfast, Ireland:

The Stormont Cricket Ground is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is a symbol of heritage and traditional excellence in cricket in the region. It has hosted numerous cricket matches, both domestic and international.

Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the world
Stormont Cricket Ground, Ireland: Photo taken from Internet

Established in the late 19th century, the ground is surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes. Stormont provides an idyllic and intense setting for cricket fans in a seating capacity of only 6,000. Stormont also serves as a venue for various cultural and community events beyond cricket.

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 Cricket GroundCapacity
1.The Grange Club, Edinburg, Scotland5,000
2.Stormont Cricket Ground, Belfast, Ireland6,000
3.Maple Leaf Cricket Club, Ontario, Canada7,000
4.Traeger Park, Alice Springs, Australia7,200
5.Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe9,000
Table: Smallest International Cricket Stadiums by Capacity
  1. Maple Leaf Cricket Club, King City, Ontario, Canada:

Maple Leaf Cricket Club is located in King City, Ontario, Canada. It is the heart of cricket in North America and is an ideal hub for cricket enthusiasts in the region.

This cozy and compact stadium has witnessed various domestic and international cricket matches throughout its active years. The features defining this venue are its well-maintained grounds and enthusiastic crowds which create vibrant atmospheres for an unforgettable cricket experience.

Maple Leaf Cricket Club, King City, Ontario, Canada
Maple Leaf Cricket Club, Canada: Photo taken from Internet

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  1. Traeger Park, Alice Springs, Australia:

The Australian Traeger Park is located in Alice Springs and is a popular sporting venue hosting various Cricket matches and Australian football. The stadium was named after Alfred Hermann Traeger, the inventor of the pedal radio.

Traeger Park, Alice Springs, Australia

With a seating capacity of 7,000, the park offers an intimate setting against the backdrop of the MacDonnell Ranges. The highly maintained ground serves as a local and regional hub for competitions along with national and international tournaments.

Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the world
Traeger Park, Australia: Photo taken from Austadiums Archives

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Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the world
The Grange Club, Edinburg: Photo taken from Wikipedia

  1. Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe:

Queens Sports Club, nestled in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was established in the year 1890. Its historical significance has evolved it into a premier destination for cricket matches on an international scale.

The ground features lush green outfield and well-manicured pitch. The club also caters to various sporting activities beyond cricket including tennis and squash, contributing greatly in the sporting culture.

Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the world
Queens Sports Club, Zimbabwe: Photo taken from Internet

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 Cricket GroundCapacity
1.White Hill Field, Sandy Parish, Bermuda1,000
2.Ruaraka Sports Club, Nairobi, Kenya1,000
3.Mombasa Sports Club, Kenya1,000
4.Pierre Warner Cricket Ground, Walferdange1,000
5.Pingfeng Campus Cricket Field1,347
Table: Smallest cricket stadiums by seating capacity from Wikipedia.

Smallest International Cricket stadiums based on Boundary Length:

  1. Eden Park, Auckland:

Eden Park in Auckland is considered the smallest international cricket stadium in the world based solely on its boundary of around 55 meters. Nestled in the heart of New Zealand, the grounds stands as a grand spectacle with a seating capacity of 50,000 despite its short boundary.

Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the world
Eden Park, Auckland: Photo taken from Wikipedia

The Park was established in 1900 and has evolved into a prime venue for hosting iconic rugby and cricket matches. Eden Park has witnessed numerous international memorable moments including as Rugby World Cup triumphs and epic cricket outcomes. The stadium also serves as a venue for concerts and cultural events beyond sporting venue.

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 Cricket GroundBoundary typeSize (meters)
1.Eden Park, AucklandStraight55 m
2.The Wanderers, JohannesburgSquare64 m
3.Lord’s, LondonSquare65 m
4.Eden Gardens, KolkataSquare66 m
5.Holkar Stadium, IndoreStraight68 m
Table: Smallest International Cricket Stadiums by Boundary Length
  1. The Wanderers, Johannesburg:

The Wanderers Stadium, located in Johannesburg was established in the year 1956 in South Africa. It is renowned as the Bullring and has been witness to countless memorable cricket matches, including Tests and ODIs.

The stadium boasts a seating capacity of 34,000 despite its short boundary length. The stadium’s modern facilities and well-maintained pitch ensure world class cricketing experience. The Wanderers also hosts various diverse events including concerts and corporate functions, fostering a sense of cultural and traditional inclusion.

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  1. Lord’s, London:

Commonly referred to as the Home of Cricket, the Lord’s Cricket Ground in London was established in 1814 in St. John’s Wood. With a capacity of 28,000 seats for spectators, it holds a special place in cricketing history, which has hosted prestigious cricket matches including T20Is, Tests and ODIs.

The Lord’s is embedded with cultural history and exudes tradition and excellence, surrounded by the famous Pavilion and the Long Room. Lord’s also serves as a preferred location for diverse events like concerts and corporate functions beyond cricket.

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  1. Eden Gardens, Kolkata:

Established in 1864 in Kolkata, Eden Gardens stands as one of the oldest and most iconic cricket grounds internationally with a seating capacity of over 66,000. Although the cricket ground features a short boundary length, its still boasts for an electric atmosphere during matches and is one of the largest cricket stadiums in India.

The stadium is the ideal choice for hosting international and domestic matches in India and has been witness to high-stakes encounters like the IPL and ICC World Cup finals. Eden Gardens also acts as a cultural hub hosting concerts and events, making it a symbol of Kolkata’s tradition.

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  1. Holkar Stadium, Indore:

The Holkar Stadium, situated in Indore is a cricketing fortress in India which was established in the year 1990 and carries a lore of Indian tradition and excellence. With a seating capacity of over 30,000 spectators, it is a highly desired location for hosting domestic and international matches.

The stadium features high quality cricket experience through modern facilities and well-maintained pitch. Holkar Stadium also hosts various cultural events contributing to its status and stands as a symbol of pride for India.

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CONCLUSION: These small jewels of the world with compact physical existence have managed to attain a deep place in the heart of cricket history. The intimate setting provided by these small stadiums, both in terms of seating capacity for fans and boundary length for players, have proved that the spirit of cricket is very vast throughout the world and is not confined to physical space.