Riley Meredith Girlfriend:

Riley Patrick Meredith is an Australian cricketer who was born on 21st June 1996. Riley hails from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Riley Meredith is a 28-year-old right-handed batsman and a right-arm fast bowler. Meredith is known for his talent on the cricket field and plays a crucial role as a bowler.

Riley Meredith Girlfriend

Riley made his international debut for the Australia cricket team in March 2021. His cricket career includes playing for Cricket Tasmania and the Hobart Hurricanes. Mumbai Indians signed Meredith for INR 1.5 crores to replace Jhye Richardson in the IPL 2023 season.

There have been online sources confirming that Meredith has been in a committed relationship with an Australian female since the year 2019.

Who is Riley Meredith’s girlfriend?

As per online reports, Riley Meredith is not married, but he is in a dedicated relationship with his girlfriend, Maddie Gowans. The couple has been together since 2019. Maddie, Riley’s girlfriend, is a professional dog trainer, which surely adds a unique dimension to their relationship.

Who is Maddie Gowans and What’s her profession ?

Maddie Gowans, as evident from her Instagram, is a dedicated professional in the field of dog training with a strong commitment to promoting animal welfare. Her early passion for working with dogs became a lifelong dedication to the well-being of animals. In her own words, she expresses, “I was fortunate to realize early on that working with dogs was my calling.”

Riley Meredith Girlfriend

Straight out of school, Maddie immersed herself in the pet industry, and her passion for dog training has flourished ever since. Starrting her career by fostering dogs from rescues with often poignant stories, she has become an integral part of the ‘Ho Bark’ Dog Training Center in Australia.

Maddie Gowans is not just an exceptional dog trainer and animal advocate; she also exhibits enthusiasm for fitness. Regularly sharing her fitness goals and workout images, she actively embraces new fitness challenges.

Riley Meredith’s relationship with his girlfriend, Maddie Gowans

In the past few years, Maddie has artfully unfolded her remarkable journey, dedicating herself to the training and care of animals. But, in 2019, her heart found love in the arms of the Australian cricket sensation, Riley Meredith. Both, Riley and Maddie were born and brought up in the Australian city Hobart. Riley Meredith and Maddie Gowans also attended the 2019  Tasmania awards function together.

Riley Meredith Girlfriend

 A captivating snapshot captured Meredith tenderly kissing her, accompanied by the heartfelt caption, “My favorite human,” adorned with a symbolic heart. That left Riley’s fans guessing the relationship between the two.

Another shared selfie of the enamored couple further revealed Riley’s magical ability to elicit radiant smiles from Maddie, as she affectionately wrote, “My Smily Riley.” 3 years into their relationship, Gowans openly declared her gratitude to Riley, recognizing him as a future life partner.

Riley Meredith Girlfriend

Meredith’s profound love for animals recently was revealed as he joyously shared a delightful day with Eltonio, one of Maddie’s cherished dogs. Against the backdrop of a sun-kissed beach day, the trio, along with their greyhound clicked a happy selfie, showing a harmonious blend of love and companionship.

Riley Meredith Girlfriend

While the couple hasn’t explicitly divulged details of their romance, ardent fans keenly follow and discuss about the depth of their connection, drawing insights from various sources.

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