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Mohammed Siraj, famously known by the nickname ‘Miya Magic,’ garnered attention last year for outstanding performance in the Cricket World Cup 2023. The Indian fast bowler, Siraj, holds a pivotal role in the national team, endearing himself to fans when he openly expressed his heartbreak following the final loss, even shedding tears. Notably, numerous celebrities, including Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, extended their congratulations to Siraj for his remarkable achievement.

Mohammed Siraj friends

Mohammed Siraj has been linked to various actresses before, including Shraddha Kapoor. However, recent reports have confirmed that he is currently engaged to a woman, details of whom are not widely known. Speculations suggest that the Indian cricketer might tie the knot with his mysterious fiancée in a grand wedding celebration later this year. As of now, specific information about his wife-to-be remains undisclosed, adding an element of curiosity to Siraj’s relationship rumors.

Mohammed Siraj and his fiancee:

Mohammed Siraj says his fiancee is his biggest mental support :

Mohammed Siraj has been candid in various media appearances, openly discussing his emotions and sharing details about his fiancée. Mohammed Siraj, a native of Hyderabad, is said to be engaged to a girl from his hometown.

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He has consistently spoken fondly about her, highlighting her supportive role during challenging times. Siraj has openly praised her for being a source of encouragement, particularly when he faced tough situations. Although specific details about his engagement and fiancée are not widely disclosed, Siraj’s expressions of gratitude and acknowledgment shed light on the significant role his fiancée plays in providing support and motivation.

In a recent interview, he revealed the challenging period after losing his father, Mohammed Ghaus, in November 2020 upon returning from the India tour of Australia  2020-21 season, in Jan of 2021. Siraj expressed feeling mentally abused by the Australian crowd during the tour, leading to a low-spirited state. The fast bowler described the experience as difficult and mentally depressing.

During this tough time, Siraj found support from his family, who urged him to fulfill his late father’s dream. However, it was his fiancée who played a crucial role in motivating him to be mentally strong, along with the support of his teammates. Despite the hardships, Siraj managed to find resilience and determination, attributing his mental strength to the encouragement he received from his loved ones, especially his fiancée.

Mohammed Siraj, in an RCB podcast interview, shared the emotional impact of facing racism during a cricket match. He expressed that his fiancée played a crucial role in providing solace and strength during challenging times. Siraj revealed, “My fiancée supported me a lot. I am not a person who cries on the phone, but I talked to my fiancée all the time, and it felt good. There were occasions when I cried in my room talking to her on the phone.”

Shraddha Kapoor’s post for Siraj:

Shraddha Kapoor’s hilarious post for Siraj sparked rumors between them:

Mohammed Siraj, the Indian pacer, delivered a spectacular performance during the Asia Cup 2023 final. His performance earned praise and appreciation from many celebrities namely Anushka Sharma and Shraddha Kapoor.

Shraddha Kapoor’s post for Siraj

Especially Shraddha Kapoor’s Instagram story posted on instagram was a special message for Siraj, where she showed her  admiration for his outstanding spell in the final. She also shared a hilarious post on social media after India’s leading victory over Sri Lanka during the Asia Cup 2023 Final. In fact there were many fans who in a humorous way complained to Siraj for ending the game sooner than they expected.

Amidst varying critiques and diverse responses, Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor, too, expressed her thoughts on Instagram. In a hilarious story post, she encouraged fans to seek advice from Siraj on how to spend the remainder of the day, accompanying her words with a picture of herself.

When questioned by interviewers post-match, Siraj expressed his joy at receiving rare admiration from celebrities and renowned figures. He shared, “Feels like a dream. Last time I had a similar experience against Sri Lanka in Trivandrum. I took four wickets early but missed the five-for. I realized you receive what’s destined for you. Didn’t push too hard today.”

post for Siraj

Even Anushka Sharma, the wife of Virat Kohli, joined in, commenting, “Kya baat hai miyan. Magic.”

As these posts gained traction, fans began speculating about a potential relationship between Shraddha Kapoor and Siraj.

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