Craig Ervine Wife: Girlfriend, Relationships, Dating History, Children,

Craig Ervine Wife:

Craig Ervine is a famous figure in Zimbabwean international cricket, leading the national team in limited-overs matches as a skilled left-handed batter.

Craig Ervine

Craig Richard Ervine was born on 19 August 1985. Hailing from Harare, Ervine has shown his cricket talent in Tests and limited-overs formats for Zimbabwe. Craig was also in first-class cricket, contributing to Zimbabwean side in the Logan Cup. Please note that Ervine holds an Irish passport.

While information about Craig Ervine’s wife is not clearly known, From online sources, it is confirmed that he is maried to a woman named Belinda Ervine. Although Belinda’s Instagram account remains private, the couple frequently provide glimpses into their joyful life, showing and sharing moments on social media, often with their kids. They have long known each other and dated before marriage.

Who is Craig Ervine’s wife?: Belinda Ervine

Belinda Ervine famous as the wife of Zimbabwean cricketer Craig Ervine, remains a private person with limited details about her family or profession. But, reports suggest a longstanding relationship between them, having known each other for long period. Reports suggest that their relationship evolved from dating to the marriage, reflecting a journey rooted in shared experiences.

Craig Ervine Wife

Beyond her role as Craig Ervine’s wife, Belinda is an exemplary partner and a devoted mother to their sons, stressing her commitment to family life. Both Craig and Belinda have a common educational background, being alumni of Bryden Country School. Growing up in a community with farming roots, the small school played an important role in providing a robust foundation for their formative years.

Belinda’s post-school journey led her to a fulfilling career in teaching. Armed with a Bachelor of Education (BEd) qualification, Belinda further specialized in neurocognitive therapy. This expertise allowed her to engage with children daily, reflecting her dedication to making a positive impact in their lives. Belinda attributes her passion for teaching to the wonderful teachers who went above and beyond the call of duty, shaping her commitment to providing a nurturing learning environment.

In summary, Belinda Ervine emerges not only as a supportive life partner to Craig Ervine but also as an accomplished individual contributing meaningfully to the field of education. Thus it reflects the values instilled during their shared academic journey at Bryden Country School.

Craig Ervine and Belinda Ervine’s Marriage :

As per an article published by Bryden Country School in Zimbabwe in 2023, it is known that they both did schooling together at the same school. Belinda became a teacher while Criag went on to become a professional cricketer. He developed his interest during school days at Bryden only where his grandfather would come and coach him and his classmates.

Craig Ervine Wife

Belinda is understood to have a important presence in Craig’s life, offering him the love, support, and stability important for his career success. As his committed partner, Belinda stands beside him through ups and downs, celebrating victories and providing comfort in hard moments. Belinda’s strong support has hugely contributed significantly to Craig’s achievements as a cricketer, making her a consistent wellspring of strength and motivation throughout his cricketing journey.

In a March 2018 interview with Sunday Mail, following Zimbabwe’s disappointing three-run loss to the United Arab Emirates and their subsequent failure to qualify for the next year’s ICC Cricket World Cup, Craig Ervine and his team expressed their deep disappointment. He exclaimed that  “It’s the first time in my career I’ve broken down to tears after a game.”

Craig Ervine Wife

During that exclusive interview with The Sunday Mail Sport, Ervine disclosed that Solace found him when he married his love, Belinda Swart, on May 12, 2018. Speaking about his beloved wife, he shared, “She has always been there to support me through everything.”.

He expresses the belief that walking out with a life partner, committed to sharing both the highs and lows, is something he never thought he’d experience. .

Kariba, a town in Zimbabwe, holds significant history for Belinda, with her parents being enthusiastic fishermen, her father having won the tiger fishing tournament 10 times, and their longstanding connection with Nzou lodges. Choosing Kariba as their wedding destination was not only practical, being outside Harare, but also rooted in family history. For Belinda and Craig, it’s a familiar place from their childhood holidays spent there.

Craig Ervine Childrens:

Craig also revealed that they started dating in 2015. He and Belinda have been blessed with two kids.

Craig Ervine kid

In August 2019, they welcomed their first child, Jake Rory Ervine. Subsequent reports indicate that Hudson Ervine, their second son, was born on 3 May 2021.