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Who is Liam Livingstone’s Girlfriend?

Liam Stephen Livingstone is a English cricketer who has established himself not only at home, but also in international arena. At the present time, he plays for Lancashire as well as he is a part of England national team. Being a right-handed batsman to possess high level of skills as well as the capability to bowl from both the right-spin leg as well as off spin makes him a very valuable player almost of any team.

He had his debut In the number game of T20 albeit he had made his debut played by Lancashire against Leicestershire in May 2015. After that, he was mainly a team member for the county.

Liam Livingstone’s Girlfriend:

Liam Livingstone has a beautiful girlfriend named Katie Moffatt. Despite the fact that they are not married, the connect that they have is gorgeous. Nevertheless, social media reports claim that Olivia Moffett being claimed as Liam’s partner.

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Liam Livingstone’s wife

                                                   Katie Olivia moffat with Liam Livingstone

Katie Moffat is a wonderful person who is a person of deep selflessness and unbending resolve to ensure that the world is a better place and all the lives in the world are affected by her. Her heart is just a spring garden with a life and liveliness in it that her petals, paws, and horizons respond to with love and care.

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Katie’s interest for pets and their wellbeing

Katie’s interest in pets and flowers goes back as far as her childhood, when she used to spend all her time gardening, and giving shelter to animals. During her life spanning, she felt more excited and passionate about the two things and she started to tour the world to improve her knowledge about them. Growing up, animals had a deep impact on Katie’s brain, which made her the animal lover she is today. 

Liam Livingstone’s wife

Her hobby include rescue missions in which she retrieved birds that had fallen out of nests knitted them back to life, treated stray cats and her dog humbly guided and listened to her thoughts. Her house has garden for animals’ furs, scales, and feathers being embellished by posters of wildlife on the edge of extinction and pictures of her pets. Katie had a broad and sharing heart where animals no matter the size can every bit have home and comfort.

 At times she would dream of her old home, with its majestic forest where a family of content otters played in the crystal clear water of a tributary and the giant tigers roamed freely and without boundaries. Such a pure love for animals never failed to compel Susanna to provide any kind of help of the animals that are in need.

Olivia is seen travelling in many occasion as she has a passion for discovering the world.

Her travel plan led her to other places of the globe, and she saw personally the dramatic extent of the pain and agony the many individuals and animals go through. She knew that she had to do something though and so devoted all her strength to eradicate child hunger.

Her charity started with giving voluntary services at a local food bank and today it has been expanded into a fully fledged organization that offers meals to many children worldwide. Katie was an adrenaline-junkie traveler who thrilled in discovering wonderful destinations and indulging into many cultures.

Liam Livingstone’s wife

It started with a simple plan; she would walk out of her house with nothing but a backpack and the curiosity that would control her every action. Whether taking a walk in the bustle market of Marrakech, or sitting and breathing in serenity in the temples of Kyoto, Katie always showed the flexibility to absorb the customs of the local people and honour their traditions.

During travelling, Katie would look out for peculiar events or just set of the events that would assist her in acquiring the deeper understanding of the world. Many time she went to the street and tried an exotic food but also there was no chance that she drop that thing and keep away from the unknown. It did not matter if the challenge was of the mental or physical, or if it was going off the usual tourist trails in search of hidden secrets. Through her insatiable curiosity and overpowering sense of adventure, she showed what an explorer she truly was.

Olivia Moffat ‘s charity organization, for ending child hunger

Through his charity Katie’s organization has had a huge impact on the lives of millions of kids and his heart of gold that keeps him going is a model for many of us. Olivia Moffat always has a soft spot for pets and flowers, and she is now committed to making the world kinder to all the living creatures by her choice of work.