Cricket Helmet Neck Guard Explained:  

Cricket Helmet Neck Guard:

Sports like cricket which deals with the delivery of the ball can sometimes exceed the average speed of the ball. Many times due to bounce, the batsman is unable to understand and judge the ball. The high-speed ball coming towards the batsman can be deadly if it hits the head of the player. To make the game safer, helmets were introduced.

Cricket Helmet Neck Guard

Till three decades, there was no existence of anything like a helmet in cricket. But today the situation is different and the helmet is also modified with other necessary parts.

The neck guard is one of the parts of the helmet used in cricket. It acts as a shock absorber and protects the injury to the neck and nearby areas. Let’s understand more about the neck guard of a helmet that plays an essential role in protection.

What is a cricket helmet neck guard?

The neck guard acts as a shock absorber to minimize the impact of the ball that can come in contact. They are soft padding guards that give an extra level of comfort and covering to the neck ensuring safety. A properly fitting cricket helmet is significant for better performance.

Cricket Helmet Neck Guard

There are different types of cricket helmet neck guards available with various features to meet safety needs. One can look for features like maximum shock absorption, light weight, durability, and comfort. A cricket helmet with a neck guard gives the confidence of being well-equipped to face any challenge on the cricket pitch.

Need of Cricket helmet neck guard

A helmet neck guard is essential for player safety purposes. Especially in sports like cricket, where fast bowlers can deliver balls at speeds exceeding 90 miles per hour.

There have been many incidents in the history of cricket, where players have suffered severe injuries due to impacts on the neck. Therefore, neck guard implementation plays a significant role in reducing such incidents. It ensures protection so that players can focus on their game without compromising safety.

Cricket Helmet Neck Guard

The neck guard is designed in such a way that it absorbs the force of a ball hitting the neck. The neck guard provides protection to vulnerable neck areas. This can reduce the chances of severe injuries from impact. Therefore, neck guards minimize the chances of potentially life-threatening injuries.

Additionally, protective gear has become a standard requirement in professional cricket. In high-impact sports like cricket, investing in protective gear like the neck guard is vital to prioritize the safety of players at all levels.

Overall, the cricket helmet neck guard is protective equipment to enhance player safety on the field. The use of such equipment gives confidence to play the game without any fear of harm.

Top Cricket helmet neck guard available in the market

  1. Shrey Neck Guard

Shrey offers a neck protector which is suitable for all types of helmets. The neck guard is made from foam material. The high-density closed material reduced the external force, reducing the impact of injury. It is designed in such a way that it reduces direct contact with the vulnerable area of the neck.

It also has a velcro closure system for flexibility during action. The lightweight and comfortable neck guard is available in medium sizes.

  1. DSC Neck Guard

DSC Neck protector NEK pro is best for professional cricket players. The center orientation design focuses on covering the area of the neck as well as the head. The high density foam material makes extremely strong construction.

A velcro closure system protects against the lower skull and upper neck. It gives a comfortable fit with minimum skin contact. It is available in various sizes suitable for players of each level. Its advanced design gives more protection with flexibility which is not covered by traditional helmets.

  1. Klapp Neck Guard

Klapp cricket back head protection guard is one of the most comfortable fits for different cricket helmets. It is made of synthetic and leather material. It has an impact resistance design which can be attached to a helmet easily.

Klapp also offers a combination of 20-20 cricket helmets with neck guards to boast superior protection. Together it gives a comfortable inner padding and sweat adsorbent. The flexible and protective fit provides an essential for players on the field.

  1. FORMA Neck Guard

FORMA offers a pro axis neck supporter guard which comes in black. It is made from high-quality polyester material which gives a lightweight comfort while wearing it. It is designed with more durable and flexible features.

It has soft foam for the inner padding and high-impact polymer for the outer shell. It is suitable for players of all levels from sturdy beginners to professional players. It comes in a single size ensuring a protective fit for all users.

  1. KOOKABURRA Neck Guard

The neck support guard of Kookaburra is known for its lightweight construction and adjustable strap. It ensures the attachment of the neck guard to the helmet. The neck supporter is made of rubber material which makes it wearable for a long duration of the game. Their neck guard is designed with specificity and protection to ensure safety in the field.

Its features provide additional safety to the neck and area below the helmet. The adjustable strap improves comfort during the gameplay. It is compatible with all sizes of helmets. The neck guard is suitable for all levels of players to move comfortably around the crease.

  1. YP Sports Neck Guard

YP Sports offers cricket back head protecting guard which is a comfortable fit on every helmet. It is made of leather material which comes in black.  It is constructed to give overall support and protection to vulnerable areas. The durable quality enhances the overall playing experience.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, a helmet neck guard is an essential accessory in cricket that contributes to the overall safety and comfort of players on the field. For additional protection, it also has grilles and a neck guard. These features also give functionality to standard cricket helmets. It also helps the players to focus on the game.