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Moeen Ali Wife: Firoza Hussain

Firoza Hussain is the wife of Moeen Ali. Moeen Ali is the famous English Cricket all-rounder. They married at a very young age. Moeen being around 21 years old when they got married.

Moeen Ali Wife: Firoza Hussain

The news of their marriage was initially kept private until it was revealed by an English Cricket correspondent, which created a buzz on social media. In an interview, Moeen Ali confirmed their marriage and disclosed that it was arranged by their parents. They apparently had met during Moeen’s cricket tour to Bangladesh.

When did Moeen Ali and Firoza Hussain meet?

The exact circumstances of Moeen Ali and Firoza Hussain’s first meeting remain unknown. But, they reportedly crossed paths while Moeen was in Bangladesh for a cricket match. Reportedly, Moeen got married at the age of 21.

Moeen Ali Wife: Firoza Hussain

When did Moeen Ali and Firoza Hussain get married?

Moeen Ali and Firoza Hussain were married in a private ceremony, with news of their marriage first disclosed by an English cricket correspondent. The information went viral on social media due to the couple’s popularity.

Their marriage was arranged by their respective parents, as confirmed later in an interview. After some years of marriage, they became parents to a daughter named Haadiya and a son named Abu Bakr.

Does Moeen Ali have children?:

Yes, Moeen Ali and Firoza Hussain have been married for more than a decade and have 2 children. They are blessed with a son named Abu Bakr, who is older than their daughter Haadiya. The family often attends important matches together, and Firoza is seen cheering for her husband from the stands. Abu Bakr has shown interest in cricket and is said to have a bowling action similar to Lasith Malinga.

Firoza Hussain Biography:

Firoza Hussain was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh, but has been living in Birmingham, England, since her marriage to Moeen Ali. Firoza is known for being a supportive wife who travels with Moeen to his international and league matches. As a mother, Firoza lovingly cares for her children, Abu Bakr and Haadiya.

Firoza prefers to maintain a private life and is religious, often wearing the hijab in public. Little information is available about her early life and education due to her desire for privacy. Additionally, she wants her son Abu Bakr to become a religious scholar.

Moeen Ali FAQ:

Q. Which team does Moeen Ali play for?

A. Moeen Ali is an English cricketer who has been representing England’s national Men’s cricket team since 2014. He was born in Birmingham on June 18, 1987.

Q. How many IPL matches has Moeen Ali played?

A. Moeen Ali has participated in 9 IPL matches, scoring 88 runs in 7 innings. His highest score in the IPL is 23. He has not achieved any centuries or half-centuries but managed to score 30+ runs once and 20+ runs once. His strike rate in the IPL is 139.6, with an average of 17.60 in 63 balls faced.

Q. What language does Moeen Ali speak?

A. Moeen Ali can understand Urdu and Punjabi. He was born in Birmingham, and he has Pakistani and English heritage, with his grandfather migrating from Mirpur, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and his grandmother being of British descent.