Shivam Dube Wife: Girlfriend, Marriage, Relationships, Son

Shivam Dube Wife: Anjum Khan

Shivam Dube is an Indian International cricketer. Shivam Dube was born on June 26, 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Shivam Dube represents Mumbai in Indian domestic cricket. Shivam Dube has also gained recognition by playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He is currently part of the Chennai Super Kings team in 2023.

Shivam Dube Wife

Shivam Dube recently married his longtime girlfriend, Anjum Khan, in a ceremony that beautifully mixed Hindu and Muslim traditions on July 16, 2021. Shivam Dube is the famous all-rounder for Chennai Super Kings. Shivam’s heartening relationship with Anjum Khan, a Muslim woman, grows into a beautiful union that shows love’s triumph over differences. 

Anjum Khan and Shivam Dubey’s Love Story:

Two years ago, the social media world was set on fire with a mix of emotions when the charismatic cricketer, Shivam Dubey, declared his decision to marry his cherished partner, Anjum Khan.

Shivam Dube Wife

What was interesting for the audience was the revelation that Shivam Dubey, hailing from a Hindu lineage, crossed the boundaries of religion to embrace a profound love. In a beautiful union defying societal norms, he exchanged vows with Anjum Khan, who comes from a Muslim family. Their love story is a testament to the transcendence of barriers and the celebration of pure affection.

Who is Anjum Khan – Wife of CSK’s Shivam Dubey?

Anjum Khan, the beautiful wife of Shivam Dubey, is a talented woman with a passion for modeling and acting.

Her talent goes beyond the realms of Hindi serials, as she has also left her mark in the world of music through a captivating album. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, Anjum Khan continued her academic journey in the realm of Fine Arts at Aligarh Muslim University. 

Shivam Dube Wife

Anjum Khan is not just a private person; she embraces the digital landscape, sharing glimpses of her charming looks and artistic makeup expressions on her social media platforms. Anjum Khan’s personality is characterized by a blend of talent, grace, and an inherent love for the arts.

Shivam Dubey and Anjum Khan’s Marriage:

On July 17, 2021, cricketer Shivam Dube and Anjum Khan were married and thus starting on a journey of love and unity. Their interreligious marriage, a fusion of Hindu and Muslim traditions, became a focal point of attention.

Shivam Dube Wife

The couple’s publicized love story unfolded with grace, drawing huge media coverage. Fans dubbed their wedding as ‘filmy style,’ showing the harmonious blend of cultural traditions. Shivam wore a baby pink sherwani adorned with intricate silver work, complemented by a creme-colored safa and doshala.

Anjum radiated elegance in a baby pink and off-white lehenga embellished with mirror work, accentuated by red and gold chooda, passa, maang teeka, and a delicate neckpiece.

Shivam Dube Wife

The nikah ceremony was a moment of profound emotions, symbolized by Anjum covering her head with a red and golden dupatta. Shivam, in a touching caption alongside a wedding photo, expressed a love transcending boundaries: “We loved which was more than love. And now this is where we begin.” Among these cherished moments, the couple was seen exchanging ‘Jaimala,’ a traditional garland exchange symbolizing mutual acceptance and respect in Hindu weddings.

Public Reaction to Shivam Dubey and Anjum Khan’s Matrimony

The online community showed a diverse spectrum of emotions in response to the union of cricketer Shivam Dubey and Anjum Khan. While some celebrated their love story, the inter-religious nature of their marriage triggered a wide range of opinions.

Shivam Dube Wife

Amidst the romantic sentiments expressed by some, there was a notable divide, with certain individuals voicing objections and engaging in trolling. The controversy even extended to objections regarding Shivam seeking blessings for their union, further highlighting the complexities surrounding interfaith marriages.

Ultimately, Shivam and Anjum’s wedding emerged as a symbol challenging societal norms, showing the intricate dynamics involved in navigating love and marriage within a diverse cultural landscape. The public’s curiosity grew strong as they sought clarification on whether the ceremony incorporated Hindu rituals alongside the evident display of Islamic traditions in the shared pictures. Fans, in their comments, reflected the struggle to understand the background of their unique love story.

Shivam Dube Son:

In February 2022, cricketer Shivam Dube and his wife Anjum Khan celebrated the arrival of their bundle of joy. The couple announced the birth of their baby boy on social media, expressing gratitude for the newfound happiness in their lives. Sharing their delight, Shivam Dube stated, “Bundle of happiness arrives in our life… blessed with a baby boy.” 

Shivam Dube son

Their son, named Ayaan, quickly became a source of joy for the proud parents. The couple often shares heartwarming pictures of moments spent cuddling with Ayaan on various social media platforms. The huge event took place in Mumbai, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the cricketer and his wife as they embraced the joys of parenthood.

How is Anjum Khan as a wife and a daughter-in-law?

Anjum Khan shows the qualities of a broad-minded, understanding wife, and a caring and loving mother. The couple often shares glimpses of their joyous moments on social media while celebrating festivals like Eid and Diwali with family and relatives.

Shivam Dube family

Even when Shivam Dube is away, Anjum ensures they stay connected, cherishing important days such as anniversaries and birthdays with great joy and enthusiasm. Their active participation in major events, as evidenced by their celebration of festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, showcases a united family front.

Anjum’s strong connection and bond with Shivam’s parents are evident through shared pictures and moments of togetherness. 

This highlights not only her role as a wife and mother but also as a daughter-in-law who irrespective of religion actively participates in family celebrations, fostering a warm and inclusive family dynamic.