Reeza Hendricks Wife: Relationships, Dating history, Girlfriend, Son

Reeza Hendricks Wife:

Reeza Raphael Hendricks is a famous cricketer known for his talent as an opening batsman of South Africa Cricket Team. At 34 years old, Reeza has made huge contributions to South African cricket, representing both Gauteng and the national cricket team. Playing a crucial role as an opening batsman, Reeza has established himself as a reliable and consistent player.

Reeza Hendricks Wife

Not only has he excelled on the international stage, but he also plays for the Highveld Lions in domestic cricket. With a career marked by dedication and achievements.

His batting style is characterized by a right-handed technique, complemented by a right-arm off-break bowling style. The following article provides insights into his married life including details about his wife and children. 

Reeza Hendricks is happily married to Lee-Ann Hendricks. They tied not on 1st November 2018. The couple recently became parents to a newborn baby, adding a joyous chapter to their lives. Despite being a private individual, Lee-Ann’s presence is seen through social media, where she shares glimpses of their life.

Reeza Hendricks Wife

Reeza and Lee-Ann have been in a long-term relationship, leading to their wedded bliss. While details about Lee-Ann’s personal and professional life are not extensively covered in public sources, her Instagram account offers a visual journey into their shared moments, portraying the couple’s happiness and the love they share. The pair’s commitment to each other is evident in their public appearances and the support Lee-Ann provides to Reeza, both on and off the cricket field.

Reeza and Lee-Ann beautifully captured their wedding vision in a splendid video. Their chosen venue, the enchanting Monte Bello Estate located near Bloemfontein, offered a charming guesthouse known as “30 On Whites.” The couple curated a wedding theme characterized by exquisite elegance and glamour, turning their special day into a truly enchanting celebration. Reeza Hendricks’ brother name is Beuran Eric Hendricks. Beuran Hendricks is a South African cricketer, known for his roles as a left-arm fast bowler, representing the South African national team. 

Reeza Hendricks Wife

The wedding venue was adorned with crystals, elements of gold, and mirrors, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. The inclusion of beautiful white flowers added an extra touch of elegance to the surroundings. The choice of elements, including gold, mirrors, and crystal glass, contributed to the overall aesthetic appeal of the venue, enhancing the ambiance for the special occasion.

The couple now have a beautiful son who was recently born, on the 6th of April, 2021. They have named thier son Callum Hendricks.

In November 2019 Hendricks took to social media and in a sincere expression on social media, Hendricks conveyed his deep affection for his wife. Marking their first wedding anniversary.

He wrote “Can’t believe it’s been one year since this amazing day. Here’s to a lifetime of many more memories with you Happy first anniversary my love” accompanied by a glimpse of their wedding dance captured in a photograph.

Lee-Ann Hendricks hails from Bloemfontein and completed her schooling at Eunice before moving to Port Elizabeth, where she graduated from Collegiate High School. The couple’s story started during Lee-Ann’s practical years at the University of the Free State, where they met during the Knights’ fitness assessments at the university gym. Their connection deepened through their mutual friend, Shadley van Schalkwyk. 

Despite the challenges of spending limited time together due to Reeza’s cricket commitments, Lee-Ann stressed the importance of making the most of their moments when they are together.

In October 2020, Lee-Ann Hendricks, despite being relatively private, granted an exclusive interview to a sports author affiliated with “Cricket Fanatics” magazine. The interview was published under the title “The Women Beside the men: We Get to know lee-ann Hendricks” This insightful conversation delves into her background, providing valuable glimpses into aspects of her life that were previously less known.

In the interview, Lee-Ann shared insights into her travel preferences, highlighting Portugal as a standout destination and expressing a special connection to England. Professionally, she is involved in property investment and development, holding an honors degree in Biokinetics. This multidimensional glimpse into Lee-Ann’s life provides a personal touch to her role as the supportive partner of a prominent cricketer.

When posed with the question, “What is it like being married to a cricketer, considering their hectic schedules? Where do you find common ground for quality time?” Lee-Ann Hendricks responded with a mature perspective. She acknowledged the challenges, expressing that the limited time together can be tough. But, she highlighted their commitment to maximizing the moments when Reeza is present, ensuring that they spend all available time together. To navigate the hectic schedules, 

Lee-Ann shared her adaptive approach, sometimes scheduling her appointments around Reeza’s local travel plans, providing an opportunity to meet in different cities. Their quality time is cherished through shared activities, with a preference for going out for dinners and equally enjoying quiet nights in, binge-watching movies and series. This insight offers a glimpse into how the couple manages to maintain a strong connection despite the demands of a cricketer’s lifestyle.

Lee-Ann Hendricks is a broad-minded and independent woman who actively uplifts other women. Her philosophy is around embracing life to the fullest and seizing every opportunity that comes one’s way. She advocates for a universal approach to respect, emphasizing the importance of treating everyone with equal regard, irrespective of their socio-economic status.