5 Biggest Reasons for the India’s loss in Cricket World Cup Final 2023

loss in Cricket World Cup Final 2023:

The myth and lore behind this, caused soul-crushing defeat to India.

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I can hear you guys ICC (Indian Cricket Culture), Cummis sure kept his words. And made the crowd go silent. Definitely one of the boldest statements of the Decade. Sure the “AUSSIES ” did make a scene on Sunday in Ahmedabad. 

Okay, guys here usvout. We have collected a couple of theories which we believe and made sense to us on  “Why India lost, even though everything was on our side “.

Pitch Report

loss in Cricket World Cup Final 2023

Ahmedabad pitch, which was slower and drier than expected, played an important role. India’s strategy did not adapt well, especially when the pitch changed in the second half and did not use the slow conditions to their advantage. But , I won’t say this as a reason still, It’s our home ground. We should have seen this coming.

Law of Averages

***Still, I feel it’s just another fancy term for an excuse.

“Law of averages” is a popular term, but as you point out it has no status in statistics. What people often call the “law of averages” can be more accurately described by the “law of large numbers.”

The law of large numbers is a simple concept in theory and statistics. He said as the number of tests or observations increases, the actual results will be more like what is expected or expected.

Simply put, the more you repeat an experiment, the closer your average result will be to what is expected or correct. For example, if you toss a fair coin, the law of large numbers says that the head/head ratio will reach 50% if too many flips are made. In the short term, results may differ from expected, but as the number of shots increases, the average appears to be around 50%.  So, while there are no “rules” about averages, the idea behind them is often 

based on the law of numbers. It is important to note that this law does not guarantee specific benefits in the short term, but describes long-term or collective benefits.

It’s Obvious guys. There is a reason they are known as  “the INVINCIBLES”

You all forget that it was Australia we went against, Don’t forget their Brilliant play. Man, I miss Mahi. So, Badly.

loss in Cricket World Cup Final 2023

They really deserve this, we weren’t playing to our full potential.

1. ** Toss and Toss Conditions:**

The outcome of the toss is important in cricket because it allows the winning team to make decisions that can take advantage of the conditions. In this situation, Australia decided to bowl under the floodlights first, taking advantage of the change of pitch that would give them a competitive advantage. An improved pitch under the lights could work in Australia’s favor and put India in a tough spot from the start.

2. **Middle-order slump:**

The middle-order slump of India’s batting line-up is showing a huge trend. In limited overs cricket, the middle overs are generally considered to be the phase where teams come together and form the basis of the attack. The inability of key middle batsmen like Shreyas Iyer and Suryakumar Yadav to produce good results not only affects the team’s overall results but also affects the project nature of the team’s goals, resulting in loss of energy.

3. **Dew Effect:**

Dew is a variable that can change the course of a football match day or night. In this case, the presence of dew wets the ball and therefore affects the efficiency of the spinning machine. This change in ball behavior has influenced the techniques adopted by Indian spinners, allowing Australian batsmen to play more and form partnerships, as seen somewhat by the likes of Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne.

4. **Boundary Contest:**

Decreasing boundaries after the 10th over indicates the struggle to maintain a good score. In limited-overs cricket, boundaries are important to control the run rate and put pressure on the opponents. The decline in boundary scores means the early momentum has failed to capitalize and the pressure from Australia’s bowling attack has failed to escape.

5. ** No Big Partners:**

Big partners are the backbone of achieving unlimited success. Apart from the vital partnership between Virat Kohli and KL Rahul, the failure of the partnership is key to the lack of stability and efficiency in the middle. The partnership is not just about keeping the points but also controlling the narrative of the match and India struggled to do that in this situation.

6. **Australia’s Aggressive Batting:**

Australia’s aggressive batting, especially led by Travis Head, played an important role in shaping the result. Aggressive batting not only puts pressure on the opposition bowlers but also demoralizes the fielding side. He turned the required run rate into a more achievable target, as evidenced by Australia’s chase of a target of 241 runs.

7. ** Field and Shot Selection:**

The importance of shot selection and perfect defense cannot be ignored. Poor choices by key players like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli highlighted the poor decisions taken at crucial moments of the game. Also, comparing the defensive structure, India’s defensive errors and Australia’s defensive quality can be important in the overall performance.

8. ** Pat Cummins’ captaincy skills:**

Pat Cummins’ captaincy skills were excellent in the game. Effective leadership is not just about making decisions, but also about making the right decisions at the right time. Cummins’ use of the bowlers’ strategy, changes in bowling and consideration of best runs affected the pace of the Indian batting line-up and limited their options.

9. **Tactical Errors:**

The nature of the pitch in Ahmedabad played a crucial role in the game, and team selection and tactical decisions must align with these conditions. Not including a seasoned spinner like Ashwin in the playing 11, especially on a slower and drier pitch, can be viewed as a missed opportunity. Similarly, choosing Shami over Siraj may have been a tactical error, given the specific conditions of the match.

10. **Wickets at Crucial Times:**

Losing wickets at key moments can be particularly detrimental in limited-overs cricket. The dismissals of Rohit Sharma early in the innings, followed by Shreyas Iyer and later Virat Kohli, disrupted the team’s plans at crucial phases. Losing a player at a critical time could prevent the team from benefiting from a game-changing partnership.

In summary, the complexity of cricket involves good decision-making, individual work, adapting to changes and the ability to take advantage of crucial time in the game. Competition analysis highlights the complexity and dynamics of the sport, providing insight into the many factors that influence outcomes.


Reason for the loss is as I mentioned above “Pitch Report, Law of Average, etc”. But the truth is simple, if you see this match as a neutral cricket fan (*not into both teams) you may have this feeling that “India got overwhelmed with their undefeated streak, While Aussies stayed composed even though the odds were against them”.

loss in Cricket World Cup Final 2023

They really lived up to their words. I guess India won’t forget this now anytime soon. This might be a hard pill to swallow but, We have to give it to them, they really played well.