Elyse Villani, an Australian female cricketer representing the Tasmanian Tigers in the Women’s National Cricket League (WNCL), maintains a strong connection with the team.

Villani also plays for the Melbourne Stars , a renowned Australian women’s cricket team in the Women’s Big Bash League.

Nicola Carey Partner:

Determining whether Elyse Villani and Nicola Carey, both cricketers, are married is not a obvious task. This intriguing question has been raised by the couple themselves.

Nicola Carey

According to local and internal sources, Elyse Villani is reportedly married to Nicola, although there is no mention of it on her Wikipedia page. This lack of information makes it difficult to confirm the marital status of the Australian cricketer. Reports suggest that Nicola Carey and Villani were involved in a committed relationship.

Elyse Villani and fellow Australian cricketer Carey are friends, but there is limited information available about their relationship. But, it is unclear whether Carey is Villani’s spouse or not.

Elyse and Nicola first became acquainted through their professional lives when they played together for the Australian Women’s national team. They are currently in a dating relationship and share a bond with each other and their dog, as seen on Elyse’s Instagram.

Nicola Carey and Elyse Villani, both essential players for Australia’s women’s national team, have similar career paths. They also share a changing area at Tasmanian Tigers when playing in the Women’s National Cricket League. However, Carey is a member of the Hobart Hurricanes, Villani’s rival team in the Women’s Big Bash League.

Elyse Villani was born on October 6, 1989, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Elyse Villani is 34 years old. Nicola Jane Carey, born on September 10, 1993, in Camperdown, New South Wales, Australia, is currently her partner, making her 28 years old. There is a clear age difference, with Carey being four years younger than Villani.

Incidently, their birthdays are just a month apart, making them close in terms of proximity. Nicola’s birthday falls in September, while Villani’s birthday is in October of the following year.

Carey was a member of the Southern Stars team that won the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 tournament in Sri Lanka. She participated in two ICC World Twenty20 competitions between 2012 and 2016.

In 2015, Elyse Villani, the opening batsman for Victoria, boldly revealed her sexual orientation in the media, announcing herself as a lesbian. The reports created a sensation, especially when linked to her relationship with fellow cricketer Nicola Carey. So, it is indeed true that Australian cricketers Nicola Carey and Elyse Villani are a couple.

Villani and her partner, Nicola Carey, shared a viral Instagram selfie together, despite Villani’s inclination to keep her personal and romantic lives separate.

Additionally, many news sources suggest that the couple has adopted Tom and Oscar, although they have not officially disclosed their adoption of children.

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