Martin Guptill Wife:

Laura McGoldrick first met Martin Guptill when she was 19, while interviewing him on “The Cricket Show.” Despite her usual calm demeanor, Martin made her nervous. They soon became friends and eventually started dating after a few years. Laura and Martin tied the knot in September 2014 and welcomed their beautiful daughter on October 4, 2017.

Martin Guptill Wife

Laura relies on her husband for updates on cricket knowledge, as Martin’s extensive travels for tournaments keep him well-informed. Being apart from Martin due to his cricket commitments has only deepened Laura’s love and appreciation for him.

Laura McGoldrick was already a well-known figure in her own right before marrying Martin Guptill. She had established herself as a talented sports presenter and actress. Marrying Martin further enhanced her reputation. Laura’s versatile career includes hosting, acting, radio appearances, and more. She is highly supportive of her husband and accompanies him to cricket tournaments and events. With a strong following of 44.5K on Instagram, Laura remains active on social media.

Laura McGoldrick had a close-knit family growing up in Christchurch. Her brothers, Timothy and Christopher, would often play cricket in their backyard. While Laura witnessed her family members’ involvement in cricket, she did not excel in the sport herself. Instead, she pursued her passion for acting and studied performing arts.

Martin Guptill Wife

Laura is known for her ambitious, proactive nature. Laura grabs every opportunity that comes her way and makes the most of it. From 2006 to 2010, Laura actively participated in theater, taking on leading roles in plays such as “Hamlet,” “Snow White,” “Othello,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Beauty & The Beast,” and more. In 2007, Laura also starred as the lead in two short films titled “Charlie Don’t Surf” and “Station Sane.”

Martin Guptill Wife

Her television debut came in 2009 as a guest on the show “Shortland Street.” In 2011, she gained significant recognition when she became the host of “The Cricket Show” for Sky Television. Subsequently, she became a well-known face through her daily presenting on “NZ Herald Focus,” a sports show on Sky.

Laura attributes her success to meticulous planning and preparation. Acting remains her true passion, and in 2014, she landed a role in the drama series “Westside,” although it was not the role she originally auditioned for.

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