Jimmy Neesham Wife: Girlfriend, relatiosnhips, affairs

Jimmy Neesham Wife:

Jimmy Neesham has established himself as an important figure in international cricket. Neesham’s cricket journey has been marked by exceptional fielding skills.

Jimmy Neesham

James Douglas Sheahan Neesham, popularly known as Jimmy Neesham, was born on September 17, 1990 in Auckland, New Zealand.

His batting talent has earned him recognition for ability to control the game during crucial middle overs. Neesham’s playing style is characterized by a calm yet powerful boundary-clearing ability, highlighting his proficiency in striking the ball with finesse.

Jimmy Neesham Wife

As per many online reports, Neesham is married to his long-time partner Alex MacLeod-Smith, a former Waikato-BOP Magic netballer. The story of Jimmy Neesham and Alex MacLeod-Smith, a former Waikato-BOP Magic netballer, is nothing short of a fairy tale.

James Neesham’s Wife: Alex MacLeod-Smith

Alex MacLeod–Smith, is not just the wife of a cricket star but a interesting independent personality in her own right. A former netball player, MacLeod–Smith transitioned smoothly into the noble profession of pediatric nursing.

Jimmy Neesham Wife

Alex journey includes stints as a pediatric nurse, playing professionally for College Rifles, and having represented Mainland Tactix in the Beko Netball League in 2016, where she earned the prestigious Player of the Year title.

James Neesham and Alex MacLeod’s Marriage:

Their love story unfolded in Auckland, New Zealand. Neesham and Alex shared their first public moment on Jimmy’s Instagram on October 20, 2015, marking the beginning of their beautiful bond. The couple resides in a cozy flat, symbolizing the foundation of their enduring relationship.

The announcement of their marriage came with a touch of humor. Neesham, known for his candidness, posted a picture on his Instagram story, captioned, “ran a couple of errands at the weekend.” The couple’s joy was huge and accordingly visible, even amid Neesham’s tight cricket schedule, including commitments to the Hurricanes in the BBL. Neesham shared a picture of himself kissing his lovely wife with a charming and cheeky note.

Jimmy’s teammate Lockie Ferguson also posted a lovely picture congratulation the couple on December 7 with the caption “ Much love to Neeshams!”

James Neesham and Alex MacLeod’s Child:

As the Neesham-MacLeod-Smith life story continues, the couple is now parents to their first child. As per the article published on  August 28, 2023, Jimmy Neesham has made the heartfelt decision to skip New Zealand’s T20 series against England to be present for the birth. Some reports suggest that Neesham’s son is named Henry.

The journey of Jimmy Neesham and Alex MacLeod-Smith is a proof to love thriving amidst the whirlwind of professional sports.

Speculations around the enduring connection between Jimmy Neesham, the renowned New Zealand cricketer, and Alex MacLeod-Smith, have a rock solid foundation. The roots of their relationship traces back to moments captured in 2015. On April 1st 2015, the charismatic couple made an entrance at the New Zealand Cricket Awards held at the Langham Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand.

The photograph from that memorable night not only serves as a proof to their enduring bond but also hints at a relationship that goes beyond the public eye. As they graced the prestigious event, little did the world know that this snapshot would be a precursor to a journey filled with love, shared dreams, and significant milestones.