Ishan Kishan Girlfriend: Dating history, Relationships, Ex-Girlfriends

Ishan Kishan Girlfriend:

In the realm of cricket, the talent of Ishan Kishan has captivated fans with his exceptional skills and remarkable performances. Alongside his on-field achievements, the personal lives of athletes often spark curiosity among supporters.

Who is Ishan Kishan Girlfriend?

Recent rumours and speculation have pointed towards a possible romantic involvement between Ishan Kishan and Aditi Hundia. In this article, we explore the alleged love story between Ishan Kishan and Aditi Hundia.

 Ishan Kishan Girlfriend: Aditi hundia 

Aditi hundia is a model and beauty queen. She achieved fame to after winning the title of Femina Miss India Rajasthan in 2017. Also she has represented India at the Miss Supranational pageant held in Poland, where she made a good impression with her elegance, intelligence, and striking beauty,

Ishan Kishan Girlfriend

Aditi Hundia has gained recognition in the modelling industry. Aditi has 286k flowers on Instagram, also Aditi has achieved the titles “Miss Beautiful Eyes” and “Miss Body Beautiful” in the same contest. She also owns a fashion label named “Label Aditi Hundia”


Aditi  has came into the limelight after the IPL final in 2019 when Mumbai defeated Chennai to win the title. After this, Aditi posted a story for Ishan Kishan after this the rumours has started to do the rounds that Aditi is seeing the Jharkhand cricketer.

Ishan Kishan Girlfriend

Also when she was spotted on a IPL match cheering Mumbai Indians ,here, are some photos from the match

Also, When Ishan Kishan was signed by MUMBAI INDIANs  he posted an instagram post with caption “I’m coming back to home @mumbai indians” on which Aditi commented “Proud and how 🔥 

Also, as Ishan scored double century in India vs Bangladesh match Aditi can’t control herself and posted two photo together with Ishan kishan, the below photographs are that photographs only

Ishan Kishan Girlfriend Aditi Hundia: The Alleged Love Story

 Speculation about a romantic relationship between Ishan Kishan and Aditi Hundia started circulating in the media and among fans quiet few years back. Though neither party has made any official statements regarding their relationship status, social media interactions and public appearances have fueled the rumors.

Ishan Kishan Girlfriend Aditi Hundia

Aditi Hundia’s presence during Ishan Kishan’s matches and their exchanges on various social media platforms further added to the intrigue surrounding their alleged connection.

Ishan Kishan Girlfriend Aditi Hundia Public Appearances:

 Aditi Hundia’s Instagram account offers subtle hints about her possible involvement with Ishan Kishan. The model has shared pictures from IPL matches, where she can be seen cheering on the Mumbai Indians, and notably, Kishan himself. Likewise, Kishan’s Instagram activity has included liking and commenting on Aditi’s posts, indicating a potential bond beyond friendship.

But, social media interactions alone do not confirm the authenticity of a romantic relationship. Public figures often engage with their fans and associates on various platforms without implying a romantic involvement. So, until official confirmation is provided by Ishan Kishan or Aditi Hundia themselves, their relationship remains speculative.

 At last we would say that while rumors and speculation continue to circulate, it is important to exercise caution and avoid jumping to conclusions regarding Ishan Kishan’s alleged relationship with Aditi Hundia. . Let us respect their privacy and allow them the space toconfirm their personal lives when they are ready. Ultimately, the truth of Ishan Kishan’s romantic involvement with Aditi Hundia remains unconfirmed until official.