Harrow Size Cricket Bat

Harrow Size Cricket Bat

Having the right size of cricket bat is one of the essential elements for playing cricket. Especially when a player wants to improve his performance for junior to adult levels. A bat that is too heavy or too light can impact the technique and performance of a cricket player. A right size cricket bat not only enhances performance but also reduces the risk of injuries caused by using an unsuitable bat.

Harrow Size Cricket Bat

Whether you are a professional beginner, you should pay attention to the size, weight, and grip of the bat. This gives ensurity that you have the right equipment to maximize your ability. Therefore, a right size cricket bat ensures proper balance and control while batting. This will lead to better shorts and improve the gameplay.

What is a Harrow Size Cricket Bat?

Being a cricket enthusiast, you should know the importance of choosing the right cricket bat. If you are a junior cricket player and want to improve your performance to the next level then your cricket bat is one that can make a change.

For advancement of your performance from junior to senior players requires transition of cricket bat. Harrow cricket bat is one of the best cricket to begin the transition. It is designed for young cricket players who are looking to play with adult size cricket bats.

Harrow Size Cricket Bat

The best feature of the Harrow Size bat is that their size is suitable for players between the age of 13 to 15. It provides them a bat size that is appropriate for their strength and practice. The dimensions of Harrow Size bats are around 32 to 33 inches in length and width of about 4.25 inches. The cricket bat is lighter than adult size bats but heavier than junior size cricket bats. Their weight ranges from 2 lbs 4 oz to 2lb 6oz.

The Harrow Size Cricket bat allows young players to develop their skills. It is comfortable to use and helps the player to improve their techniques as they progress in the journey of cricket.

Being a young player, using a Harrow Size Cricket bat will give you ensurity of equipment that is suitable for your age and size. It enables you to perform better on the field. It provides you with the right balance of power and control, which helps you to enhance batting skills. So that you can reach your full potential as a cricketer. Ultimately, choosing the correct bat size is crucial for young players to develop their talent effectively and enjoy their game.

Top Harrow Size Cricket Bat available in the Market

  1. DSC Cricket Bat

DSC Condor Player Edition cricket bat is made from top quality pro grade english willow. It is suitable for players of intermediate skill level in batting. The weight of the cricket bat is around 2.3 lbs. The design of Harrow Size Cricket Bat is handcrafted. The curved blade is carved for powerful performance with extended hitting area. It has a treble spring handle which gives you maximum strength and also absorbs shocks for hitting the ball.

  1. GM Cricket Bat

GM Chroma 303 cricket bat is designed for a player of immediate batting skill level. It is handcrafted from grade four English willow. It is ideal for a leather cricket ball. It has a handle of treble spring Singapore cane which absorbs shocks on hitting.

Harrow Size Cricket Bat

It is around 2.3 lbs to 2.4 lbs in weight. It has massive edges and an improved pickup. For improved grip it is ergonomically shaped with extra soft material.

  1. SG Cricket Bat

SG Sunny Tonny Grade 2 harrow Size cricket bat is made of English willow. It is available in multiple colors. The bat is suitable for a leather ball. It has a medium sweet spot and a medium spine. It is designed for experience batting skill level and suitable for all round playing styles.

The handle of the cricket bat is made of Singapore cane. It has a special 3 way insertion of cork in between the splits. This is to increase the flexibility and maximize the shock absorption for an advanced level of gameplay.

  1. Mongoose Cricket Bat

Mongoose Virtue Premium Grade cricket bat is made from top quality English willow. It has a Singapore cane handle for better gripping to hold the bat. It is traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability. The design enhances the gripping for good stroke play. The Mongoose Harrow bat  is available only in white color. It is suitable for players of beginner skill level in batting.

  1. Prokick Cricket Bat

Prokick Instinct Cricket bat is designed to play in all round style. It is suitable for all types of leather and tennis balls. The harrow size bat is made from kashmir willow. The Singapore cane handle gives a comfortable and controlled grip. The premium grip allows you for precise shot execution. The three rubber strips give an innovative shock absorption and minimize vibration with smooth swing.

The cricket bat is suitable for the beginner skill level player who wants to improve their gameplay. The structure of the bat ensures superior performance in the cricket match. It has features quality, durability and versatility making it perfect to elevate your game.


Selecting the appropriate cricket bat size is essential for players to excel in their gameplay. For cricket players who want to advance their batting skills, the size of a cricket bat can be a game changer.

Harrow cricket bat helps the young players to enhance the performance and also prevents injuries caused by using an ill fitted bat size. It helps the player in the transition of the cricket bat from junior to adult size bat. It bat is suitable for younger players as the weight is in between the junior and adult size bat. With availability of different ranges of cricket bat you can find  a harrow Size cricket bat suitable to you. It is good for practice sessions to improve the ability to score runs consistently.