Cricket Stadium Lights

To provide uninterrupted and thrilling experience in the field of Sports to its viewers and players, every sport’s stadium installs proper lighting facility.

Cricket Stadium Lights

These lights provide brightness, uniformity, color temperature, etc. and instills excitement in the game. These lights also function as aid to live broadcasts and recording of the game.

Cricket Stadium lights Watts:

  1. Class-I cricket stadiums are designed for international matches and need as much as 80,000 to 2,50,000 Watts of LED. These stadiums require 750 to 1,500 lux of lights which is provided by 160 to 250 pieces of LED lights.
  2. Class-II cricket stadiums are used for domestic cricket matches and require 45,000 to 1,10,000 Watts of LED. These stadium requires 500 to 750 lux of lights which is provided by 40 to 100 pieces of LED lights.
  3. Class-III cricket grounds are used for recreational and local purposes and require 15,000 to 60,000 Watts of LED. These stadium requires 300 to 700 lix of lights which is provided by 24 to 40 pieces of LED lights.

Cricket Stadium lights Cost:

The cost to install a new LED lighting system for a stadium averages from 1,20,000 – 8,80,000 Dollars for a mid-to-high-end LED flood system.

Cricket Stadium lights Cost
National Cricket field lighting in South Africa: Photo taken form MECREE LED

Cricket Stadium lights Types:

Cricket Stadium Lights is a general term used for reference to lighting to the cricket grounds. There are certain powerful, long lights which can cover a wide range of the cricket field and flood the entire area with lighting called Flood lights.

Cricket Stadium Lights

Some lights form narrow beams which can focus on particular areas on the cricket field. Spot lights usually cover certain focused or dark areas. There are also Mast lights which are installed at least 40 m high and provides a wide area of lighting.

Cricket Stadium Lights Heights:

The cricket stadium lights mostly consists of 4 light poles. The height will be around  18 to 20 meters. Cricket Stadium Lights for Non-televised Matches belonging to Class I, II and III according to standard will be 20 to 25 meters high mast and 4 in quantity.

Lighting structure at the Eden Gardens cricket ground, Kolkata: Photo taken from Internet

The ICC traditional cricket stadium is more strict in lighting which mostly require 30 to 40 meters High mast 6 lights with the lighting illumination very high as 1500 to 2000 lux or uniformity.

The standard heights and number of poles required for each class of cricket stadium are as follows:

  • Class-I Cricket Ground: The lights are 20 to 40 meters tall (66 to 131 feet tall) and the standard number of poles required is 4 to 8.
  • Class-II Cricket Ground: The lights are 15 to 25 meters tall (49 to 82 feel tall) and the standard number of poles required is 4 to 6.
  • Class-III Cricket Ground: The lights are 8 to 18 meters tall (26 to 59 feet tall) and the standard number of poles required is 4 to 6.

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