Who is Babar Azam Girlfriend?

Babar Azam is the captain of the Pakistani cricket team. Babar Azam once again found himself in the spotlight as an alleged video of him engaging in sexting with a teammate’s girlfriend surfaced on social media. Pakistan Cricket Board has rejected the video and refuted any involvement of Babar Azam in such activities.

Babar Azam Girlfriend

This is not the first time where Babar Azam has faced controversy for claims of a romantic relationship. A few years earlier, a woman had come forward and filed a case, alleging that she had been forced to terminate a pregnancy conceived with Babar Azam and that the two were secretly married. But, her claims were proven wrong, and she withdrew her complaint.

Publicly Babar Azam has never confirmed being in a relationship.But there are reports that Babar is dating his cousin, Nadia. These reports have been doing rounds for many years, and there is slight evidence to support them. For example, Nadia has been seen at many of Babar’s matches, and she has also been photographed with him on social media. But, there is no concrete proof that they are actually dating.

Babar Azam Girlfriend

In 2023, there was a controversy when a Twitter user posted a video that allegedly showed Babar sexting with another Pakistani cricketer’s girlfriend. The video was immediately deleted, and Babar denied the allegations. The controversy led to speculation that Babar might be single after all.

Ultimately, only Babar knows whether or not he is in a relationship. But, the evidence suggests that he is at least very close to Nadia. Whether or not they are officially dating is anyone’s guess.

About Nadia babar azam Girlfriend:

  • She is the daughter of Babar’s uncle.
  • She is about 4-5 years younger than Babar.
  • She is not highly educated.
  • She has not given any interviews and neither denies nor confirms being in a relationship with Babar.

It is possible that Babar and Nadia might get married, but for now, their relationship remains a mystery.

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