Alyssa Healy Husband: Family, Net Worth

Alyssa Healy Husband: Cricket’s Powerhouse

Alyssa Healy is famous cricketer popular for power-hitting and electrifying wicket-keeping in the world of women’s cricket. Alyssa is an Australian cricketer associated with the New South Wales and Sydney Sixers teams. 

Alyssa Healy Husband

In this article, we delve into Alyssa’s personal life, exploring her relationship with her husband, Mitchell Starc, her family, and their decision to delay starting a family.

Childhood Sweethearts to Cricketing Power Couple:

Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc and the cricketing sensation Alyssa Healy share more than just a marriage—they share a childhood connection forged on the cricket pitch. Imagine the scene: two nine-year-olds battling it out in the Northern District Junior Cricket Association, their destinies entwined by a love for the game.

Alyssa Healy Husband

Trials for Sydney’s Northern District Cricket Association brought them together, engaging in wicket-keeping drills that set the stage for their future. Healy excelled as a wicket-keeper, while Starc evolved into a top-tier pacer.

“I met Mitch [Mitchell Starc] at the tender age of nine. From club to representative cricket, we played against and alongside each other. We even shared wicket-keeping duties for the first three years before Mitch’s focus shifted to bowling,” reminisced Healy in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

A year later, fate intervened, placing them on the same team under the guidance of Starc’s father, Paul. Throughout their teens, the duo remained steadfast friends and teammates, with Starc playfully admitting his admiration for the “little blonde keeper” in 2013. As time unfolded, their connection blossomed into a love story that transcended the boundaries of friendship.

Alyssa Healy and Mitchell Starc Marriage : 

Alyssa Healy is a prominent Australian women’s cricketer, and Mitchell Starc is a renowned Australian pacer. The couple’s marriage has been celebrated, and they are considered one of the cricket world’s notable power couples. In 2015, they announced their engagement, followed by a fairytale wedding in April 2016.

Alyssa Healy and Mitchell Star Marriage

In 2016, Alyssa Healy joyfully shared on Instagram that she had tied the knot with her “best friend,” Mitchell Starc. The love story between the Australian cricket power couple began in 2010, evolving into a romantic journey that culminated in a beachside celebration. Healy’s Instagram caption, “Marry your best friend,” accompanied a delightful photo of the couple, radiating happiness.

In a heartwarming social media post, the fast bowler affectionately declared Healy as “mine” in celebration of their wedding day. The wedding took place at a serene waterfront location, undisclosed for privacy, and was attended by Starc’s teammates from New South Wales. To mark their special day, the couple coined the endearing hashtag #stealy, cleverly blending their surnames, Starc and Healy.

Their union created a unique sporting power couple, with both partners excelling in their respective cricketing careers.

Alyssa Healy and Mitchell Star Relationship:

Balancing demanding cricketing careers with their personal life is a challenge the couple tackles with grace and understanding. They prioritize spending quality time together, even if it means stolen moments between matches and tours. In an interview, Alyssa shared that they “keep their home life separate” from their cricketing careers, allowing them to de-stress and unwind together.

Alyssa Healy and Husband

“But not too much cricket is spoken about around the dinner table, it’s more about other interests we have in common.” she said during an interview with the Guardian. They support each other with frequent talks and video chats while apart, but unavoidably “you end up missing one another, sort of halfway through the day.” She also bluntly disclosed, “In any given year, we spend about three months together, entirely.”  

Mitchell, too, has spoken about their conscious effort to maintain a healthy balance. He mentioned that discussing their respective matches at home “can get dangerous” due to their competitive nature. This awareness and mutual respect go a long way in strengthening their relationship.

When Alyssa Healy felt betrayed by Mitchell Starc?

Talking to the Separate Bedrooms podcast back in November 2023 Alyssa Healy recently opened up about a moment of betrayal within her marriage to Mitchell Starc. The couple had promised to watch some shows together when they got back home from the fields.

But one day when she returned from possible hockey training, as she reckons in the interview, Mitchell was already watching what they had decided to watch together. The revelation highlighted a rocky incident that left Healy expressing, “I’ve never felt so betrayed in my life.” She eventually regained trust in the Australian fast bowler.

“We’ve sort of put that aside. I was a little bit nervous to go there again, I thought you know what, I’m not going through this all over again. But we are,” she declared.

The Australian cricketer shed light on her grievances, sharing a humorous perspective on the marital situation. Overwhelmed by a deep sense of betrayal, she hoped for an alternate reality where she could find acceptance, even imagining a scenario where she would be more at peace if Mitchell had chosen to be with another girl that day.

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Alyssa Healy Mitchell Starc

This candid disclosure by Healy quickly became the talk of the town, triggering a wave of discussions on social media platforms. Healy’s transparency not only unveiled the challenges within her marriage but also highlighted the couple’s ability to navigate difficulties with humor.

Alyssa Healy and Mitchell Starc are currently in the process of acquiring a new $25 million residence in Terrey Hills, located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. As reported by The Australian Financial Review, the duo has become the proud owners of the opulent estate known as Charlotte Park, situated on Mona Vale Road.

It’s noteworthy that as of 2024, Alyssa Healy and Mitchell Starc do not have any children.

While Healy recently shared intimate details about their relationship, there is no mention of immediate plans for expanding their family. Notably, the power couple is actively involved in supporting the Movember Foundation, addressing critical men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

In the realm of cricket, Alyssa Healy boasts an impressive track record, securing victory in 5 T20 World Cups and 1 World Cup. Meanwhile, Mitchell Starc has carved out a distinguished career as a premier pacer for the Australian men’s cricket team. Their achievements in the sport have solidified their status as a cricketing power couple.